Email: beta: request ability

a few of the companies that I need to email daily are on the blacklist

Can we have the ability to whitelist manually or something so we can receive email from them.

here is the insight from one of the site admins

Below is the reason. Our server is banned from emailing to you.

The reason is because we are in 2 block lists. (see the second screenshot)

Here’s the thing. We were in these block lists since day 1 when we acquired the servers. We have 3 servers from different hosting companies and all three servers were blocked since day 1. We were told that uceprotect. net basically blocks all servers (only unblock selected few) and in order to unblock, the only way is to pay them. We are not going to do that.

What I’m surprised that the message comes from Cloudflare. Do you have other emails like gmail that we can send to you?

Unless you change the m x of your domain, I think there is no way we can send emails to you. I am going to write to Cloudflare about it.

I’d probably prefer Cloudflare not using UCEPROTECTIP levels 2 or 3.

2 blacklists a subnet and 3 blacklists an entire ASN - and if you want ‘express’ delisting then you have to pay them. Level 1 blacklists individual IPs which is fine.

I’m amazed Cloudflare (or Area 1 by extension) use their services since UCEPROTECT doesn’t seem far off blackmail.


You do realise, you just disqualified for their EXPRESSDELIST?

Judging by their choice of language, I’d generally question who is running that place.

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Have you read their list of people who’ve emailed them?

Something about some amount of money not being enough to get you a Big Mac in Zurich.


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In webhosting I’d call them a summerhost :wink:

But to be fair, Swiss Big Macs are rather pricey.

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Thanks for the report @passivetools4u.

We decided to not rely on UCEPROTECT level 2 and 3 anymore. The release is going out over the week.


It should be fixed now, we don’t use the lists anymore.


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