Email Beta, Forward Emails from [email protected] to multiple addresses

As of now the email beta is missing the ability to simply add a comma and have multiple email addresses for say example [email protected] to send to however many, etc accounts as you need.

This is a primary feature that really is probably used by everyone.

I would love to use the email routing with cloudflare… it makes so much sense, since my DNS and Domains are here, however as of now I am now using a third party email service like

I will continue to use forwardemail till maybe the beta feature because a non-beta.

Also, having the email address that you are forwarding to accept a “confirm” email, really adds an annoying hiccup in workflow, you have to get the client to hit accept in an inbox you probably don’t have access to… , thus making it an extra layer that I have never seen before.

If you want to setup a forward, you shouldn’t have to accept an email in order to activate it?

Maybe this is in place for security.

Either way, back to forwardemail till this is resolved.

Thanks for the beta

There are already multiple posts about this.

That’s to prevent spam abuse.

Thanks for writing back sdayman.

You mentioned “There are already multiple posts about this.”

So this isn’t possible in the beta correct… just want to confirm

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