Email beta - cannot wait

Per I cannot wait!!!
Beta request submitted Monday, please help.

Edit after “solution”…
Why end a blog with Feel free to join the Beta today and ping us in our Discord server or community forum if you can't wait; we'll do our best to prioritize the community requests before we open the service. If you’re just going to shutdown posts like these???
Please consider a little more respect and we all need to have a bit more humility :wink:


I am sorry to hear you do not have access yet, but unfortunately this is still BETA feature and you requested the access only 9 days ago from what I am reading.

Please, consider a lot of customers who requested this are still waiting for it to be activated for their domains and we all need to have a little bit more patience :wink:

Furthermore, there are topics about this, kindly use :search: .

Usually within 6 weeks (or earlier) upon requesting access to Email Routing (Beta), this feature will be activated for your domain name.

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