Email being blocked by Gmail > Messages missing a valid messageId header

I all of a sudden have issues with my emails being blocked when sending to some users most cases gmail personal accounts. I am getting “Messages missing a valid messageId header”

I am sending from a software using AWS cloud services to an account i have with hostgator to deliver my email. I did notice i did not have an SPF, DK, DKIM, so I added them yesterday the bounce messages have change form but still say i am missing “Messages missing a valid messageId header” surprisingly there is not many explanations on how to fix this issue… any help would be greatly appreciated because its affecting my business.

This really doesn’t have anything to do with Cloudflare, but whatever software you are using to send the emails is completely broken. If you’re getting an error that the message lacks a Message-ID then the software is just not creating emails properly, which is bizarre; normally a Message-ID is added by the submission server, not the client software.

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