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My domain is hosted by 123-reg and redirected to Cloudflare. Almost all my emails end up in peoples spam. After some research it seems my email aren’t being authenticated and need to set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC. I’m also getting a message that reverse DNS does not match with my sending domain. I have very little programming skills and have no idea on how to set these up. Would appreciate any guidance.

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You can get the required DNS records for DKIM, SPF, etc from your email provider. Then, you can use external third party tools like to test if everything is working correctly.

There are many many things that can go wrong from an email sending perspective including IP reputation of your provider, SPAM checks, and other things. Your email provider really is the best contact to solve these deliverability issues.


Edit: I should add that the DNS records you got from your email provider need to be added to your Cloudflare DNS tab.

Thanks, I’ve managed to use the Cloudflare email security to add SPF and DMARK successfully. Although I do see from the mail checker that there is a syntax error with SPF but don’t know what it is. I’ve used the wizard to do it.

As for DKIM I don’t know how to generate the key, but will reach out to my domain email provider.

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Can you share the SPF type (needs to be TXT) and content?

v=spf1 ip4: ~all

That’s the format, FYI I’ve replaced the ip4 address above with ones just for example

I’ve used an SPF syntax validator and it seems to be fine. Maybe the problem is with the fact that I haven’t set up a DKIM yet. On my email domain provider it says I can’t set up DKIM if the domain nameseever is redirected elsewhere (I.e. Cloud Clare). So I need advise on how to generate a DKIM so I can add it to Cloudflare.

None of these records are determined by Cloudflare. As stated:

That’s not true. Cloudflare will publish whatever DKIM record your mail host needs to correspond with the DKIM header they add to your outbound mail.

Did you try this:

Thanks everyone for your guidance. My domain registrar wasn’t helpful at all and this wasn’t the first time. So I’ve moved my email hosting to Startmail and it was really easy and simple to set up.

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