Email authentication token never arrives


I am using a new IP and upon login, it says it has sent me an email authentication token to my email, however it never arrived. I sent email to support but they don’t reply back and it doesn’t create a ticket number. Any advise how I can login to our account again?!


Hi @shayan, from the email address you used to register for cloudflare, send an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and let them know the issue. In most similar instances the emails are being sent but either caught in spam or blocked in some other way, but Support can tell you for sure if they are sent and the status of each mail. Sorry for the issues. LMK when you do that and I’ll reply back with the ticket number and let the engineer know you’re still having issues.

Hi @cloonan I had sent emails twice, sent it again. This time I got a ticket ID (previous emails didn’t send anything back).

It would be great you can resolve this ASAP. It is scary such a sensitive service with a crucial task locks out its users with no way to resolve it quickly.

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Hi @shayan, agree, I’ve not seen a similar instance where the emails have not been sent but have seen them blocked/directed to spam on a regular basis, but Support can help resolve.

:thinking: hmm, I don’t see any tickets from your email account, can you share the ticket number here?

Finally, I dug a bit and it looks like we’ve not yet confirmed the change of your nameservers and a whois shows an icann issue clientTransferProhibited, not sure if that’s affecting the nameserver change or not. But, appears the domain was active on cf using different ns than what are assigned to your account. For EU registrars that may introduce an added issue with restrictions by European registrars.

@cloonan It is a different email address; ticket ID is 1897064

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Thank you, @shayan, that makes more sense!

Nameservers are fine and I see your ticket and have added myself to it and made a note for the engineer, will keep an eye on progress

Thank you, yes, we are using CF for several websites. some of them established with a Pro account and some in the process. Nonetheless, we need to be able to login to our account.

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@cloonan problem is solved, thanks. FYI - we had Loptedout from marketing emails however it doesn’t distinguish marketing and system emails, and had our email in blacklist altogether. Something your product team to consider and improve.

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+1 and agree! It seems the emails we did not send you are operational emails and they should certianly bypass they opt out. I’ve raised that with the team, sorry for the issues and thank you.

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