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Mailchimp asked me to authenticate my email and I’ve tried adding 2 CNAME records: “for with this” and another one similar with #3 but despite doing exactly as instructed and Mailchimp still said it’s not authenticated…

Make sure those CNAME records are set to :grey: DNS Only.


Thank you. I just did it again selecting DNS only… But I’m not sure if it’s correct… For type I’ve selected CNAME for name I put in: “” and for target: “” Is this ok? Many thanks for your help! I did this twice, only the number changed (one was with 2 instead of 3). It still doesn’t work for mailchimp but perhaps I need to wait 48 hours?

thanks my issue has been fixed.

Name should be k3._domainkey and target should be You don’t put your own domain in the name field. And the _domainkey records need to be :grey: as @sdayman already mentioned.

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Thank you! Not knowing how to do this I’ve added 4 CNAMEs instead of 2 changing the input between the name and target :)). Now it seems that Mailchimp says it works… Shall I delete the others or they won’t harm in any way?

I would delete any unused DNS records. While in this case I cannot see any way to exploit the records, there are plenty of ways that old unused DNS records can be used to attack you, so I would get into the habit of not having any unnecessary records still active.

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Thank you!

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