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When i email estimates from my garage system called GA4 the estimates are returned as faulty saying this error message below

Messages missing a valid messageId header are not

550 5.7.1 accepted. je13-20020a170903264d00b00189a6834dbesi3176957plb.103 - gsmtp.

Ive looked up for this code on Cloudflare 550 but i cant find any info.

Can anyone please help me as i cant email my customers estimates ?

Best regards Allen

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

The error message you referenced is an ESMTP error code. Cloudflare does not offer general SMTP services, so you are unlikely to find that response explained here. The message is informing you that the receiving system has reached a permanent error Delivery not authorized, message refused. In this case the receiving system appears to be your email provider. The error suggests that your email provider’s server does not like the Message-ID generated by your GA4 software. You may need to consult with both vendors to find a solution. It doesn’t look like anything that you can fix with your Cloudflare setup.

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