EMail and Remote Desktop not working whaen I switched to Cloudflare

I just signed up for Cloudflare. As soon as I changed my nameservers over, my email stopped working. Furthermore, I could not Remote Desktop into my open ports on my workstations.
Then, I put the nameservers back and everything started working again!
I left the DNS to a grey-cloud for each record. My website works fine, but that’s it.
My MX records actually point to Network Solutions, so not sure if that is a problem.

Unless you’re an Enterprise customer utilizing our Spectrum service Cloudflare only proxies a limited number of ports / protocols. Cloudflare supports http/https and websocktes on the ports in the link below:

For services which fall outside that scope you should ideally use a unique host name for them and they should be grey clouded. So your remote desktop connection could point to and that could be :grey: while your www site can be :orange: . Same thing for SMTP, POP3 or IMAP.

If you MX record doesn’t point to your domain it shouldn’t be impacted (you can’t gray or orange cloud MX records) just hosts and you wouldn’t control that host.


OK, thanks for that!!
I just cannot understand why the MX records is giving me grief. I sent an email to myself from Gmail, and it simply never got delivered. As soon as I changed nameservers back to where they were before Cloudflare, the email then gets delivered.
Is there some way I can see why this is happening?

Your MX records are exactly the same on old DNS provider and Cloudflare. So I know you will be dubious but the most likely problem is that you had a typo in one or both of the nameservers when you updated them at your registrar. Try to copy/paste the records from the Cloudflare dashboard to make sure they are correct.

Yes, I did cut-n-paste the nameservers exactly. I did this two times now, so I know they are correct.
For whatever reason, the mail delivery just stops working. I cannot see why.

Of course, if I did anything incorrect my website would not load. But it loaded fine on both tries. Just the mail delivery stops.

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