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Hello, I hope all of you are doing well. I have a Godadday domain that I’m attempting to connect as the subdomain in order to publish a site on Canva. Godaddy support informed me that my email is connected to Cloudflare and that I would need to contact Cloudflare support or Google in order to retrieve my
MX records. Apparently, my either my previous website with Dropfunnels is still connected to Cloudflare or my .com Google email is still connected.

Before I can use my Godaddy domain as a subdomain for my Canva website, I need to have my MX records released and my .com email disconnected(for lack of a better term) from Cloudflare.
Are there any tech wizards out out there who can help with this?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Not without you sharing the domain name. We may be wizards, but we do not actually have a :crystal_ball: crystal ball.

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Well, I attempted adding the domain and email to the body of the text but got an error message saying that text links were not allowed in the current format and I need to reformat. I don’t know how to do that here. And I never used this site before. I just had a hosting partner that use Cloudflare and I have ended my association with that partner. I’m now trying to switch my MX records over to Godaddy.

What was the exact error message?

Additional information required.

It reads : An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your post. To share a link, click the pre-formatted text option which will add back ticks characters to the url. backtick example

Ok then you can use a ` (the character next to the number 1 on a keyboard if you’re using American english)to enclose the text on each side of the url. That character is called a backtick if you want to include the domain. You could also do something like example dot com to convey the name of the domain.


Okay, I see. I’ll try that…thank you. Do you know where I can find the steps involved in retrieving my MX records for my email and domain that was tied to the now non-existent Cloudflare website?

The email is: [email protected]

The domain is:

I need the MX records released from Cloudflare so they can be used by GoDaddy and Canva.

What does that even mean? Your MX records point to Google Workspace right now. If you want them to send your email somewhere else, you simply need to delete the existing records and add the new ones as supplied by your email provider.


Can you explain what exactly you want to achieve? MX records have nothing to do with creating a subdomain for a website, and “releasing” an mx record is not a thing.

If you want to connect a subdomain to your Canva site, all you need to is follow Canva’s manual and create the DNS records here in Cloudflare (look at the “Manually connecting your domain to Canva” section).

GoDaddy is not involved at all unless you want to stop using Cloudflare.


Yes, I’m sure I’m not translating correctly what was communicated to me by the GoDaddy support representative. The main idea is that I need to end my domain and email ties to Cloudflare so that they can be used by where my domain is currently registered: GoDaddy.

I guess I just need to redirect the Google email away from Cloudflare and back to Godaddy. I hope this makes some kind of sense based on my limited understanding. I had an old website partner that connected my email and domain to Cloudflare. That website no longer exists.

The The goal is to no no have anything tied to Cloudflare and my MX records routed to Godaddy.

You want to use Go Daddy’s email service over Googles’s? Good Lord why?

If you want to change where your domain points to at Cloudflare log into your account and change the DNS entry.

Stepping back: Do you have access to the domain account on Cloudflare?


If you no longer want to use Cloudflare, that change needs to be done in GoDaddy’s menu by replacing the Cloudflare nameservers with those of GoDaddy.

Before you do that, you should make sure to copy all the DNS records that you have here in Cloudflare over to GoDaddy.
You can find your records here: (select your domain)

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No, not at all. I still want to have the Google email service…

  1. GoDaddy is where my domain is registered.
  2. I’m trying to build a website on Canva’s platform.
  3. Canva needed a subdomain to create the website.
  4. GoDaddy support said before I could provide my Godaddy registered domain information to Canva, I needed to “get” the MX records from a website they were previously tied into or get them from Google.
  5. I chose to try to locate them on Cloudflare because I thought it would be easier to find the records here then on Google.

Now I’m stuck and hoping this makes some kind of sense.

I think it is important you answer this before anything else.

GoDaddy support told me I would have to deactivate my Google email service temporarily while they redirected my MX records.

So first step is to ignore anything Go Daddy support ever tells you because well… odds are significantly better than 50/50 they are wrong on any topic including the color of the sky.

Nothing in what they describe as steps are anything close to how the Internet works. So let’s just pretend you never spoke to them.

Do you have access to your Cloudflare account? If so follow the links @Laudian posted on how to connect a site to their service.


Excellent, thanks Laudian! I will do so and reply here when that’s successful. This sounds like what I’m trying to accomplish. I appreciate you guys bearing with me.


Lol lesson learned.

About to follow the links Laudian gave me.

Cscharff, I appreciate all the help! I’ll reply again here when everything is completed.

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