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Hope you are doing well. I’m having trouble connecting my email and setting up email routing through my Microsoft 365 account at the same time. Initially if i try to set up the email and then I set up the email routing, I get a message saying that I have to delete the DNS records for the email for the email routing to work. If I keep the 2 email dns records and I don’t add the email routing dns records, I’m able to receive emails to my Microsoft account but the emails that are suppose to go out when people sign up to memberships associated with My domain are not going out.

Conversely, if I delete the 2 email dns records and accept the email routing records, emails are going out appropriately when clients complete the necessary forms associated with my domain but then I am not receiving emails in my Microsoft account.

Finally I was able to add the record for both the email dns and the email routing.

The email is connected but the status for the email routing has says Syncing for the past hour. It says it’s syncing with Microsoft Edge but I’m thinking it shouldn’t take that long and it’s properly related to an error with my DNS record.

Please advise.


Cloudflare Email Routing cannot be used at the same time as MX records that route to another provider. You must choose only one or the other. Since you have Microsoft 365 Email, you should use it.

Without knowing more details about what sends the emails when your members sign up, it is impossible to provide you with an exact reason for your difficulty. We will need to know your domain name and any other details you can share about how you send out member sign-up emails. If you can reference a specific error message, that would also be helpful.

So when you are saying " since i have Microsoft 365 email, you should just use it"
you mean just keep the dns setup in Cloudflare to points to Microsoft and forego setting up the email routing in Cloudflare because you cant do both at the same time?

As far as details regarding memeber sign up there is no error message . It’s just that since i have connected my email to Cloudflare ( entered in the 2 Microsoft dns records to cloudflare), i did a test and when people sign up for my newsletter or fill out an inquiry form i get the information in my email.

But when people sign up for membership, they are not getting the automated welcome email with the membership login. The membership and membership sign up pages were created in a CRM called Groove cm. Not sure how the automated emails are sent out.

I am trying to add my domain link to this message and i keep getting an error message saying it is lot. Its sayimg to use a preformatted text option but I’m not sure how to do that.

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Correct. Cloudflare Email Routing is for people who do not have domain email. It is used to forward incoming domain email to a mailbox at another provider. There are times when it can be useful, but those with complete domain email service elsewhere will always want to use that.

This is </> Preformatted text. It will prevent the forum software from trying to turn your domain name into a link.

You are going to need to work with to figure that out. Until you know what sends the emails, it is impossible to know what to fix.

Ok got it.
Thanks so much for your help.
Have a great day

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