Email and and Cloudflare Teams

Emails: okay, So i’m using cloudflare access to lock my admin panel behind CF and when I try to use the one time pin option and enter my email address both abd I don’t get them I’ve already white listed your IPs and host names that are shown on MX record sites unless i’m missing something or my host is blocking your emails. I get the [email protected] emails but when it comes to [email protected] I don’t get those.

identity providers: When i use Github and or LinkedIn and everything is set up I get “This account does not have access” I’m not sure if it’s because i don’t have the emails as a user but again I can’t really add users because there’s no option and I can’t get the email for the codes.

When you configure the Access Policies, did you allow your email address?

Sorry for the delay! it was late for me. But I have a block for everyone but I made an expectation for emails I’ve entered my personal email and the one I use as a back up (For spam)

Include the email addresses and set the action to Allow is sufficient. It will not allow everyone else except the email addresses you set under the “Include” rule.

I feel stupid… that worked! Do you think it would do the same for the linden/github because it had the “account don’t have access” sorry for the noob questions

Yes. The identity provider you use doesn’t matter.

Thanks Eric, I appreciate you! Hope you have a good one! On a personal note, which one do you think would be more secure out of the two? I just want to add with my github account I have it set with authy and yubikey

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Personally I think GitHub is more convenient than the OTP way, but I have no comments on the security part.

And I think OTP is not so reliable, sometimes the email delivery can take some time and even end up not delivered to my mailbox.

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