Email Address Obfuscation

I’m getting so much spam, and I believe it’s from the visable email link top of all my pages. What would be a good way to hide an email link from the spam bot email collectors?

This is my website

I’d also like the email to be clickable by my customerss.

As you mentioned, the obfuscation feature of Cloudflare is probably the easiest approach.

But considering they are already using your address, that won’t help much. You’d need to change the address or apply some spam filtering on your mail server side.

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So, under Scrape Shields, I’d just slide that button and that’s it? Will customers be able to see and click the email link??

yeah we had set up spam filtering, but I’m using mailchannels now

because the spam has gotten so bad, this is just from this morning!

Pretty much it. And yes, they can click the email link.

But again, if your email address is already out there, there’s little point in hiding it now. Sure, you’ll hide it from those who are new to the spam party, but your address will be already in most database. You either try to tweak your spam settings or use a new email address.

Disclaimer, even with a new address and that feature being enabled, your address will make it into databases at some point.

Yeah I hear you Sandro. It might help a little anyway. I just switched it to On.

how long until that takes effect after I switch it on???

also, what is that API with the little Right arrow?

You had it previously already enabled. Did you disable it?

whoops! I enabled it again!!

And it’s working already.

Thanks for the great help / advice Sandro!

I’ve only been on cloudflare for a few weeks, so all those bots already have my email.

Most likely. At this point it’s really best to handle the issue directly on the mail server. Keep in mind, even if you change the address and have the feature enabled straight away, that still won’t be a guarantee that no spammer will get hold of your address.

These address obfuscators can be an additional layer, but the real spam protection should be on your mail server side.

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