Email Address Obfuscation - href value

Is there a way we can modify the email address obfuscation properties that changes the href value in the link to go to the Email Protection page from Cloudflare? I’m working through accessibility issues being flagged by site scanning software (which has similar functionality to malicious bots obfuscation protects against) and this Email Protection page gets evaluated as a page on our site since it’s being treated like any other link on a page. The Email Protection page has several accessibility issues and my website has at least one email link on every page of the site, causing thousands of false errors for accessibility scanners that appears to be the fault of our own site. If we can change the value from a website link to the email protection page to a simple number sign ‘#’, we could solve a couple thousand errors for the reports.

Thank you!


Beyond the request to change the value to # can you give me an idea of what issues with regards to accessibility exist with the link or the target page? I’ll write up a ticket to document them internally. Can’t promise a timeline for fix, but would like to gather as much data as I can.

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