Email address bouncing - whitelist on Cloudfare?

I have a long-running problem concerning one email address which is always rejected by Gmail when forwarded from my domain. The issue has gone back and forth like a ping pong ball between me and my domain registration company, and I am getting nowhere. The email address is from a highly respectable business and there is definitely no question of spam being involved. Other people from the same business are able to email me without issue using their company domain as does the one address which is being blocked - from the most senior person in the business ! The email address does not appear on any blacklists and I have whitelisted it in my Gmail account. But it makes no difference. I get the same result “ Gmail does not designate as a permitted sender ”.

The only question I have not yet asked anyone is whether this could have anything to do with Cloudfare and my domain’s security certificate ? I cannot imagine that it does, but I thought it best to ask the question.

Can anyone advise ? For instance, is there a Cloudfare whitelist just in case it is related to the issue ?

Cloudflare does not proxy nor allow sending email through its servers, so CF is not directly involved with your email directory, BUT your DNS records are indeed important to email delivery and it sounds like you have an issue there.

See the following instructions for looking at Gmail on if your SPF/dkim setup is correct:

In general, both SPF and DKIM need to be set up and passing for email recipients to verify that incoming email is actually coming from your domain - if they can’t, then their own spam filters don’t know a spoofed email from a legitimate one.

Thanks very much. I have tried what you suggested but unfortunately the three dots in the message offer only:

Mark as unread
Mark as important
Add star
Filter messages like this

There is nothing about “Show original” in the message three dots. I have searched the message header under “Show Header” but there is nothing about SPF or DKIM. Perhaps I am not looking in the right place.

I already checked the settings with Google Toolbox before and got these results which do not sound too good :

Warning ! MX lookup must fit in one UDP response packet.
Warning ! DKIM is not set up.
Warning ! DMARC is not set up.
Warning ! No Google mail exchangers found. Relayhost configuration?
Warning ! Effective SPF Address Ranges.

So I reported that to my domain host who have just dismissed it, saying that Google is wrong ! The settings what they recommend. There is no DMARC that I can find, nor DKIM. This is all I can find under DNS Management :

@ TXT/SPF v=spf1 mx a ip4: -all

But I have to be honest, the domain host 123-reg is not very responsive, despite even escalating it to a formal complaint.

In their defence, there is only one email address which bounces. I have never had the problem with any other email address.

Any suggestions most appreciated.

what is your domain and that email address? Does it has any special character (non ascii) like german characters etc? If you don’t want to share it public then DM me.

I’m askling because some spam filtering system such as SpamAssin/Rspamd can look into email like ALL CAPS/MIX characterset etc. Of course it won’t reject a message alone merely on email, but many factor added up. Example, if your email is poorly setup, your spam score probably in the middle and that email address probably trigger it pass the threshold.

Thanks. I would like to share it with you but I cannot find how to DM on Cloudflare !

Send me an email at [email protected]

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