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I currently have my domains and email account in hostgator, I would like to transfer them to cloudflare but I’m wondering if I will still have the posiblity of checking my inbox on internet, like I currently do using email accounts (webmail) from hostgator. I mean, is there any way I can read my inbox after I transfer my domains? other than routing to any gmail email

Cloudflare does not offer email accounts to send and receive emails. So you cannot move your “inbox” to Cloudflare.

However, you can configure your domain on Cloudflare to point to HostGator so you can continue using your HostGator inbox (or any other 3rd-party email provider).

If your domain is already using Cloudflare in your own account, then everything will continue to work after you transfer the domain to Cloudflare Registrar.

If not, the first step is adding your domain to Cloudflare and changing your nameservers. When adding your domain, Cloudflare will attempt to import the existing DNS records (including those handling email). You’ll also have the opportunity to check all the records (and even seek help here) to ensure all the records were transferred correctly — BEFORE cutting over the nameservers to Cloudflare. Done correctly, there should be zero or minimal interruption to both your website and email delivery.

After the domain is successfully added to Cloudflare and you’ve confirmed your email and all other services are working as before, you may then initiate the transfer of the domain.


Thanks a lot GeorgeAppiah!!! I added the domain and some DNS settings in hostgator in order to use it in GHL through cloudflare but I am not more able to access my inbox using the webmail from hostgator as I am getting a connection timed out error pointing to cloudflare when trying to access it. And one more thing I do no have clear yet is, if I cancel the hosting plan I currently have with hostgator, will I be still able to keep my domains and email accounts under with them? I am confused here… thanks again!!!

Check your DNS records.

You would likely have one or more DNS record(s), often with a name containing mail, imap, smtp and/or pop, which has incorrectly been set to Proxied (:orange:).

Any DNS record that is related to mail traffic will need to have it’s Proxy status set to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

If you’re cancelling your hosting package with a hosting provider, you are most typically also cancelling the email as well, as it is typically a part of the hosting package.

It would mean that anywhere from instantaneously to a little while after the expiration of your hosting package, your emails will most likely become inaccessible, because the services are being suspended, as you no longer pay for them.

What happens specifically with HostGator, is something you need to take up with them.

You will need some provider to act on your behalf, in regards to be hosting your email (referred to as “inbox” above).

If you’re looking to get rid of HostGator completely, as it sounds to me like you want to, the “major” steps would be:

  1. Make sure you got a copy of all data you have with HostGator, BEFORE cancelling.
    Your emails.
    Your website.

  2. Find another provider for your email.
    → Transfer the emails to the new provider (if you find that to be needed).

  3. Make sure the email works as expected, with the new provider.

  4. Once you have verified the above steps are 100% complete, you can then cancel HostGator.


Thanks a lot!!! I have more clear now!!!

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