Email access requested

Hi! I would like how to get an email with my new domain. I requested the access but nothing happened in 2 days already. Any idea?

That service is in Beta, and is only to selected users.
You must wait for be selected - that could take weeks or months, depends.

so …how can i get [email protected] if i did the registrar with cloudflare?

You must have a hosting/email service.
When you register a domain you don’t get hosting space, is only the domain.

but my hosting is cloudflare itself…is there any way to get the email service too?

As already pointed out, it’s just the Forwarding service, which is currently in Beta; slowly added to those who requested it.

If you want a full-featured email service, you’d have to look at third party email providers.

Just to add also here, Cloudflare is not your hosting.
Cloudflare acts as a proxy to protect your hosting. Where your files/servers are is your hosting company.

thanks for your time :smiley: much appreciated

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i thought it was hosted at as i published it with wrangler

Ahhh, that’s a special use case.

I have been waiting from one month, I guess it has some time to come

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