Email Access Request Tracking

Hi there,

I bought a domain via Cloudflare, as I heard about their email forwarding service, so I could use a proper domain address that looks more professional, with an existing gmail inbox.

As I found out now, this Beta comes only to limited users. Is there some way to reach out to Cloudflare directly to ask them for this access, as this is the only reason I bought the domain in the first place.


There are topics about this, kindly use :search: .
Usually within 6 weeks (or earlier) upon requesting access to Email Routing (Beta), this feature will be activated for your domain name.

Otherwise, if you applied for the email beta and received an email confirming that your zone now has access to Email Routing Beta, but the e-mail tab of your domain dashboard still says “Access Requested.”, in this particular case maybe @sven2 might have some trick which could help you, but no guarantee.