Email about Legacy Tunnels - No Tunnels under Traffic > Cloudflare Tunnel

Hi we received an email from Cloudflare stating that we have active legacy tunnels.

From Email:
“If you are unsure of which tunnels are using a legacy deployment method please visit the Cloudflare dashboard. Only legacy deployments of Cloudflare Tunnel will appear under Traffic > Cloudflare Tunnel.”

When we check under Traffic > Cloudflare Tunnel. We do not show active Legacy tunnels.
Our tunnels are visible in Cloudflare Zero Trust under Access > tunnels. We migrated to name tunnels and they show active status for those tunnels under Zero Trust.

Do we have another way to check for Legacy tunnels? Not sure why we received this message. Would like to know if we are using Legacy Tunnels to avoid disruption.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you migrated to name tunnels and none are visible where they say they would be then you are all set.