Eligible for Cloudflare Registrar? Ijust want to change registrar of a domain (not hosted)

New here. Got a Godaddy notification to renew a .com at 19€. Seached for cheaper renew to keep 3 com I have but not using yet (for future project). So all I want is changing from Godaddy to Cloudflare.
(those 3 domains aren’t use or directed to a site -or just a blogspot/blogger- not even email)
So I read this: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019910671-Transferring-and-renewing-domains-with-Cloudflare-Registrar
But I don’t get “Only domains Active at Cloudflare via a Full setup (Cloudflare hosts the authoritative DNS) are eligible for Cloudflare Registrar. Domains on CNAME setups are ineligible.”

Not too familiarwith CNAME etc. I have experience of a .com I moved successfully between a dutch registrar and godaddy. So I think I can manage that.

What I wanna be sure of is that (seen the very low cost of Cloudflare renew) I don’t need to buy a cloudflare plan or something else ? For just 2-3 .com domains that I just own and no time to use.
So in short to recap:
I want to move .com websites from godaddy to cloudflare and pay lowest renew () for those domains, without the need to buy anything else (yet) from Cloudflare (yes i know i need to pay the transfer and a least 1 extra year)
) = might actually buy 5-10 years directly for peace of mind for a long duration and 1 invoice only.

Answers possible (I guess):
A: nope, you just pay the CF registrars, the move is easy. Nothing else (binding) to pay extra
B: yes you must have the xxxx CF bundle (pro/business/enterprise) to benefit from those cheap domain renew costs.
C: other answer,you tellme :slight_smile:

If you picked “A”, you get 100 points. “B”, and you get zero. “C” and you get somewhere in the middle.

I have several domains registered here that do nothing but forward to an existing domain, or are just a dead end.

So your step 1 is to create an account here, then add that domain (+Add Site) and follow directions, including changing your name servers (at GoDaddy). Then your site should become Active, making you eligible for a domain registration transfer.

CNAME setups are domains that aren’t +Add Site. They use Cloudflare through some other service, and use their name servers. And there’s the rub. Domains registered here need to use Cloudflare Name Servers. For most people, that’s fine. But some people use hosting plans that won’t allow for that.

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Hooray. I think I might move even more .com site then even the one I have at GoogleDomains (12 USD for register/renew/transfer/ ) and the 2 .com I have at OVH and are just forwarding to a landing page, those 2 will be pointed hopefully next year to a real new site to be build and there use the Cloudflare free plan for a start :slight_smile:
Many thanks.

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