ELI5 How do I promote Cloudflare to my small business clients?

(Please) Explain It Like I’m 5…
Why should small businesses use Cloudflare? What are the benefits? As an IT provider for small businesses, can I profit by reselling Cloudflare services to my small business clients? If so, how?

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Well, skipper…after you’ve used Cloudflare for a while for your own site, you’ll learn the benefits of Cloudflare and what it can/can not do for your website.

If you want to be a reseller, you need permission first, or you’ll get in trouble for breaking the rules, called Terms of Service 2.2a

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For anyone who comes across this and wants an actual answer, I found this by googling “Cloudflare for Dummies”…

Cloudflare has a bunch of servers throughout different regions which act as a reverse proxy in front of your server. They can cache content to deliver it faster, and also mitigate DDoS because they have a lot of servers to distribute the load.


When you change the DNS of your domain(s) to Cloudflare’s servers, it runs a few checks on who’s accessing your website and placing the request in a (very short) queue for DDOS Protection before forwarding the request to your server.

I also found this really helpful: Cloudflare: A Complete Guide, Features & Walkthrough (2021) - YouTube

That’s way too technical for a five year old.

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Another very helpful response. Thanks.

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