Elementor saving timeout

Hi, we have some very large Elementor pages (unavoidable) . On the frontend, they are very fast. But if we edit them on the backend, we get CF 524 errors. It seems our host cant respond within CF 100 second limit.
Other than upgrading to an Enterprise CF account and increasing that timeout, what other options do we have?
We could try put wordpress admin on its own subdomain and not proxy that subdomain ( but we think this would cause more issues )
Has anyone found a solution to saving large pages and running up against CF’s 100 second limitation?
Thank you,


Your question implies that the issue you are facing is a result of the page being large. But it may as well be a combination of factors. Each WordPress installation is a forest with different trees. Your server config (including .htaccess or similar), your WP theme, a child theme, any of your plugins… all can potentially contribute to, or be the culprit of, this slowness.

I’d suggest you install a plugin such as Code Profiler to try to find out what (theme or plugin) is most impacting the speed on your backend. Also, Heath Check and Troubleshooting may assist in pausing individual plugins to see what is causing the bottleneck.

I don’t think there’s a single feature of Cloudflare that would lead to this slowness, unless some subrequests in your backend are being challenged somehow, something you’d know by visiting your backend with Dev Tools open (F12). This may also help with finding errors and missing files that might point you in the right direction.

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