Elementor forms not working on my website

Hey I after setting security level to I am under attack using page rules

Elementor forms are not working, in firewall I see these logs

From the screenshot above you have set Security Level to the “I am under an attack!” value for all the /wp-admin/* including admin-ajax.php file and all the others under that directory.

If Elementor uses it (obviously), this is the end result as far as you’ve set it to be like that by using asterix * symbol.

Also, a Rule ID iuam from 2nd screenshot.

It would be better to set it to High, if so (just in case of some bots?)

Hopefully, you do not get blocked yourself if the plugin sends an admin-ajax.php request each second or multiple per second? (I’ve saw those kind of a WordPress plugins too and blame the developer as it wasn’t really needed to be codded like that for no reason)

Otherwise, I could suggest using a Rate Limiting option for admin-ajax.php file like the example from below:

May I ask, have you got the I am under an attack! mode enabled for your domain at Cloudflare dashboard?

Other than that, some a CAPTCHA challenge or JS challenge in your Firewall Rules.

Set it to High and it’s working thanks fritex

Hey @fritex how to rate limit elementor forms

May I ask why rate limit them? I mean, by what?

Hm, to protect from eventually getting to much POST requests (possibly we could end up having SPAM links and other content submitted to our system or e-mail) on the form itself or rather something else?

If yes, then I would suggest looking for a solution to add some kind of a captcha style or honeypot to the form just in that case.

Ok,if it’s a landing page then

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