Elementor Editor Not Loading?

Had tried all means but the Elementor Editor isn’t loading. I had two sub-domains one pointing towards a folder inside the parent domain i.e. www.qldtravel.com.au while another one outside the public_html/parent domain. With the exact setup Elementor editor is working on the sub-domain which is outside the public_html or the parent domain but even a new WordPress installation with nothing on it, Elementor editor doesn’t work.

I had paused the cache and looked at other solutions but nothing seems to work. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Did you get this resolved @craig32?

Nope. Still struggling. As mentioned above mate, it is working seamlessly on https://staging.qldtravel.com.au because this folder rests outside public_html. Anything which is inside the parent domain i.e. https://www.qldtravel.com.au doesn’t seem to load Elementor Editor. In order to test this, I did a clean install on https://qldnew.qldtravel.com.au, which is pointing to wards public_html/qldnew & although its a clean install without any plugin except Elementor, the Elementor Editor Widgets aren’t loading there as well.

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