Elementor and cloudflare

Rocketloader doesn’t seem to play nicely with elementor and breaks the editor from loading.

I found a guide on elementor that says to enter a line of code but to prevent compatibility issues in the future (the current workaround is disabling rocketloader everytime).

So to save time, I would like to enter the code but I have no idea what file this should be entered in.

Here is the guide https://docs.elementor.com/article/360-elementor-Cloudflare-rocket-loader

and this is the code,

<?php add_filter( 'script_loader_tag', function( $tag, $handle ) { if ( isset( $_REQUEST['action'] ) && 'elementor' === $_REQUEST['action'] ) { return str_replace( ' src', ' data-cfasync="false" src', $tag ); } return $tag; }, 10, 2 ); any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Dean

I’m on my way out, but my first guess is the snippet should go at the end of your theme’s functions.php file. Don’t include that php part. The snippet should begin with add_filter and end with the semicolon.

Thank you sdayman, I’ll try it out.

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Did that work? I also have Elementor on one of my sites and ended up disabling Rocket Loader.

No, this did not work for me although when it comes to editing code I really don’t know what I am doing. Here is a screenshot of where I added the code.

Also, I got this from Cloudflare but I also don’t know where I would enter this.


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