ELB with sticky session (AWS) cf-cache-status: BYPASS Or DYNAMIC

Team, Please help me with this issue without AWS ELB CF-Cache status showing -Hit With ELB cache status showing-Bypass or dynamic…Need solution for the issue and below mentioned my infrastructure details for your reference.

Without AWS ELB Infrastructure.

EC2 Instance ------->Elastic IP -----> Cloudflare. My Application CF-Cache-status: HIT :slightly_smiling_face:

With AWS ELB Infrastructure.

EC2 Instance-------->Target groups with Stickines(Stickiness type:Load balancer generated cookie)---->ELB- HTTPS:443 listener- Rules Group-level stickiness Enabled-----> Global Accelerator--------> Cloudflare. My Application CF-Cache status:Bypass or Dynamic :sob:

Kindly provide the solution for the issue.

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