Elastic CloudFlare Stream Storage

Hey there,

I’m operating a large video service and I’m finding I need to constantly go into my CloudFlare Stream settings and increase the storage amount multiple times per month.

Is there a way I can set this to be “elastic”, as in it will expand forever and automatically bill me? Or is there an API somewhere that I can check how much storage I have left, how much is used, and an API call I can make to expand it when it gets low? Happy to work with APIs if that exists, but having an “auto elastic” option would be so much better.

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I don’t think there’s an API option for this. Looking at my dashboard, it gives me 1000 minutes and says I need to contact Cloudflare for an increase. What does it look like for you? Do you get charged for unused storage?

Yeah they charge for unused storage, as far as I know. I don’t mind that so much as long as I can make incremental increases, but that seems to be a blocker. And if my service grows as a rapid rate, I would be need to pay for A LOT of storage that could, theoretically, not be used. Alternatively, I’ll end up going into the dashboard and upgrading storage every other week which is a manual task that nobody wants to do.

Im kind of stuck at this point.

It’s a little late now, so you probably won’t get much of an official answer until after the weekend.

This might be something you’d have to contact Sales for, via email or a phone call.