El nombre de dominio redirecciona a otro que ya no será renovado, ahora apunta a la IP del servidor directamente

When checking the network settings it shows code 301, I have already reset the DNS, checked -htaccess files and the domain always redirects to the previous domain.

301 es Moved Permanently




Can you share the domain?

Do you have any Page Rules in place that have the Forwarding action?
Do you have any Bulk Redirects in place?

If you run the following command what result do you get (replace the VARIABLES with your own values):

curl https://EXAMPLE.COM -o /dev/null -k --dump-header - --connect-to ::YOUR-ORIGIN-IP-ADDRESS | egrep -i '^HTTP|^Location'

It’s a Wordpress multisite, but trying with another domain it works

No bulk redirects

Setting the command

curl domain -o /dev/null -k --dump-header - --connect-to ::ip | egrep -i ‘^HTTP|^Location’

The domain is s-pro . com . co
Redirectos to dropsobjects . com

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