Egypt(Or Some Middle East) have trouble accessing Cloudflare-Based Web

Following this post post1, or post2, post3, I have also encountered some of users from Egypt(or Middle-East) have trouble visiting the Cloudflare-Based Web I built. Cloudflare-Based means that it’s use Cloudflare to manage DNS, etc.

I want to know, on which side(Cloudflare or Egpyt’s ISPs) the error happen.

Please if you are from Egypt try give me some info or traceroute data to cloudflare-based site.

Or if you are from Cloudflare support or employee, give me the status of request from Egypt as cloudflarestatus coincidentally not showing any data on Egpyt?


Hi @monadstack

I’m glad you managed to solve the issue.

It would be great if you posted the solution here, so other users could benefit from it.

Have a great day.

Best Regards

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