Efficient cacheing of all the pages

Due to limitations of Pagerules in the free plan, it is difficult to make use of the best product of Cloudflare which is Caching resources on the edge & browser. Can you guys do something else that enable us to make use of the “cache level” , “edge cache TTL” , “browser cache TTL”

It will be an update if this is implemented. Something like we could send headers from the orgin to cache that particular page or set the “cache level” , “edge cache TTL” , “browser cache TTL”

I usually, due to my needs and Websites I host and which are behind Cloudflare, prefer to setup the needed cache headers (expires, max-age, last-modified, etag, vary, etc.) at the origin host/server for specific file extensions (they are definetily not the same for .html and .css/.js/images).

Nevertheless, for the login pages, I put no-cache & etc. - again, on the server - so Cloudflare just respects what is being sent/served from the server to it and to the end-user (visitor).

Therefore, using a Page Rule with Cache Everything for a Cache Level option for a whole domain /* and with an Origin Cache Control option being enabled (on).

That way, I get the most of the cached content which “sits” on the Cloudflare.

Just sharing mine, while depending on the needs and experience, I believe someone else could have another and different approach while using Free plan :wink:


Thanks for the information. :heart_eyes:

Will cloudflare caches in the Edge according to max-age ?