EDNS0 doesn't send customer real ip

Hello community,
I’m Alessandro from MainStreaming, an italian CDN.

I’m writing because we have a problem with your EDNS0 data:
we need to know the real IP address from a customer that use your system, through EDNS0, so we can understand his provider and allocate traffic in correct way. Now we can see only CloudFlare ASN associated, even in EDNS0.

Please let me know how see this data or something to try or we must blacklist CloudFlare to prevent security and piracy issues.

Have a good evening,

Cloudflare does not send that on purpose.


Blocking Cloudflare would not be such a good idea as you’d block everyone who used Cloudflare. It really is not anywhere a security or privacy issue.

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The source IP of the DNS request will be from an IP address which is listed correctly in most geodatabases. You will encounter the same type of experience when iCloud Privacy Proxy launches. You will know the approximate location of the user through DNS, but not their exact IP address.

Thank for the reply

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