Edits in Magento not saving


We have some product pages that are unable to be edited. When attempting to save the edit in Magento, it just goes back to the Dashboard screen. It is not an issue for all products, just some, but we can not figure out why this is happening. Any insight?

Hello there, I’m sorry to read that you are experiencing difficulties.

For clarity, by product pages do you mean the Cloudflare Pages? If so, could you share the project ID and the deployment ID in question?

Also, what makes you discern this issue is caused by a Cloudflare product?


No, the changes are not happpening in Magento. I don’t know why it was perceived that the issue is with Cloudflare, but I was instructed to reach out to you guys to take look. Could this be this case? That Cloudafre would cause Magento to not save properly?

Josh Hickman

Customer Service Rep​


Brining this back up, anyone know if Cloudflare is causing certain products to not save in Magento?

Hello again,

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by " Cloudflare would cause Magento to not save properly"? Could you please clarify?

Is this related to caching? If so, have you had the change to review our docs below?

Also, what are the steps to replicate this issue? Could you share a HAR file demonstrating this problem and the JS console log output as well?

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