Editing worker code ... new UI does not allow that anymore?

I am trying to edit the worker code that I already have.

It appears you have to buy a domain now? The UI is really confusing. I am trying to edit an existing script that I have.

And I appreciate you are trying to get more money for a worker domain … but I need to edit a script and deploy it on another domain I already own.

Is the workflow now edit the worker on a rando dot worker domain then apply that to one of my real domains?

I am used to the original editor I guess.

Answering my own question.

The workers UI/workflow is just stupidly broken if you want to use just the UI.

You do need to sign up for a domain with cloudflare in order to edit your workers now. Even if they will deployed on some other domain you use.

There is NOTHING on the UI that indicates this. But it looks like that is what you need to do.

Just stupidly not clear. At least to me.

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