Editing whois data

Hey all,

Is there a way to edit whois data and/or opt in/out of privacy?


Right now, it’s anonymized if possible. And I have yet to hear of anybody finding a way to update that WHOIS data you entered when you transferred the domain registration. I know it’s on the way, though.

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Also see:

Cloudflare does not yet support TLDs that prohibit WHOIS redaction, but we will in the near future.

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It would be better to also have the option to NOT redact our contact details. There are legitimate reasons to leave that avenue of contact open.

Also, hiding your contact details can be used against you as evidence of bad faith if anyone ever tries to hijack your domains via a UDRP action.

And in eine countries registries force or are forced to redact this data. (GDPR). Run a whois against heise.de which is one Germany’s largest IT magazines. And there’s no way to opt out.

How ever, the data is still acessible but you need to provide a very good reason.

I am not familiar with the rules around the .de TLD but I can tell you that the effect of the GDPR on the main TLDs, including .com, is that users can request to have their contact details displayed, but they must specifically opt-in.

Personally, I would like to display my contact details. It is easy to filter out any spam, and I find some of the offers I receive via the WHOIS useful.

I also look forward to the ability to use different contact and owner details for different groups of domains. I hope it is one of the first things they work on after they fix the problem that is causing all Cloudflare WHOIS records to contain the wrong creation date.