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Since a couple of weeks, I keep getting notifications that emails sent from my sites cannot be delivered and one reason mentioned is “due to user complaint”. I contacted my host who said this:

So the emails are being bounced back from these domains because the SPF records are invalid. Unfortunately, the domains are pointing to Cloudflare so the SPF record will need to be updated there. You will need to update the SPF record to the following:
v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: +a:ecld188.inmotionhosting.com +a:smtp.servconfig.com +ip4: -all

Now, I have no clue where that is, although the host pointed to this page:

Since i don’t really know what I am doing, I am afraid of breaking something so I would like some confirmation of what I have to do.

So far, I went in my account, chose the domain, went to DNS settings.
I don’t see any SPF in the existing list, but under the Type, I can see the SPF in the dropdown list.
If I select that, what do I do after? Do I have to enter a name? If so, what name?
In the Click to configure, My guess is that is where i would add that text that the host gave me?
Then, what about the Automatic TTL?

Now, looking below, on that page, I see several TXT elements that seem to look like what i was given from my host.

So, anyone can help me a little bit more step by step before I make a mistake?

  1. You’ll want to go to your Cloudflare Dashboard https://dash.cloudflare.com/ select the domain in question then create a TXT record.
  2. After you do that, wait about 5 minutes, then go to this link https://dmarcian.com/spf-survey/ and verify that the new records are now visible to the rest of the Internet.
  3. If all that looks good, go to this page (you can only do 2 test per day) https://www.mail-tester.com/ and send an email to the address provided.

They’ll will let you know what if anything is wrong and you should get a score of 8/10 and be sure to let us know how that works.


So instead of SPF I would select to create a TXT file, yet follow the steps I listed?

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Yes. While you can see the option to create SPF record type, some servers may not recognize it and the preferred method is to enter the SPF information using TXT.

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And what do I put for Name?


@ or your domain


Waiting for the next 5 minutes or so.

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Perfect! we’ll wait to make sure everything is running.
I should have also mentioned that SPF record type is depreciated but not the TXT version.


On that first Survey link, i get this result:

There is something wrong with your SPF record.

Access/bookmark this inspection at https://dmarcian.com/spf-survey/?domain=scrapbookcampus.com

Two or more type TXT SPF records found.

What to do?


You have 2 SPF (TXT) records there. You should remove the other one and just keep the one that you added.

The other one has the same structure, starting with v=spf… but is not needed as you have added the new one.

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OK, the Survey thing says it is fine now, but I see a score of 4/10. Is that normal at this point?
Now I am about to go the mail-tester step.


If it’s 4/10 on Mail tester, just expand the selections for further details.


or provide the link here then delete it so we can see what’s happening.


The domain ? scrapbookcampus.com
And i get the exact same result for my other domain : creationcassel.com

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