Editar o nameserver

Eu preciso fazer upgrade para editar o servidor?
Fiz meu site pelo Wix e preciso trocar este por outro servidor

Ah, @alinefujino, wix is always an issue that causes frustration here and I don’t believe will work with cloudflare, Wix.com and cloudflare DNS

really? :frowning: So what is the solution?

No real solution as wix does not support using cloudflare, best you can do is vote for the issue here, Wix Support. Some alternatives shown here, Using Cloudflare with Wix Website Builder – Cloudflare Help Center.

I just googled for “change my nameserves on wix” and the suggestion in their help doc is move the domain away from wix to change the nameservers. I am sorry there is no positive reply that I can offer.

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Thank you, Cloonan!

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