Edit wildcard DNS record


Since a few days we have this alert from Shopify about our domain

During a routine check, we noticed a wildcard DNS record. To follow best practices, please remove it from your DNS settings and replace it with supported DNS records for any shops hosted under your domain that you may have. Your shop will continue to function normally with a wildcard DNS record, however this message will remain until your DNS has been corrected.

Note: DNS updates can require up to 48 hours to take effect.

I checked and we have two A records for the same host.
One with the name “*” and one with our domain name.

Do you think we need to change something even if our website is working fine?
If so, could this impact subdomains?
Could the main domain be inaccessible during the propagation (we don’t want our store to be inaccessible).

Thanks a lot for your help,

There are some specific cases where I endorse and encourage the use of wildcard DNS records. This is unlikely to be one of them.

I would do what the directions indicate. As long as you follow both steps you should be fine.

  1. Remove wildcard
  2. Replace specific hostnames

Step two addresses your subdomain question.

As long as you don’t delete the record for your naked domain you should have no change from how it currently is working.


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