Edit NS Records (TTL): Multi-provider DNS can't be enabled


we want to change TTL on the NS entries. It seems, we need to enable " Multi-provider DNS" on the settings, but it fails, with:

Multi-Provider DNS is not available to this zone. Contact support for more information. (Code: 1003)

I’ve tested it for Zone in “Pending” state and also for Active sites.

We using the free plan. Is there anything, we need to do before? Reason is: if something goes wrong with CF DNS, we want to switch back to our old provider, so we want to lower the TTL on NS records.

cu denny

It’s a new switch in the dashboard, was announced here…

So I assume it’s an Enterprise zone only option (it enables in my Enterprise zones, but not in the free zones in the same account, or my other free-only accounts).


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