Edit load balancer subscription


We are trying to add additional origin pools but we are unable to do it.

What we have tried:
Go to Billing → Subscriptions → no edit option

Can we get some help?

@Laurie is an early riser (probably not quite this early) and probably knows what it takes to increase the Origin Pools limit.


Additional Load-balancing features can be added under the ‘Traffic > Load-Balancing’ section of our dashboard, there is a link for ‘Configure additional features’.

There are only certain features that can be purchased more of.

  • More Origins
  • Faster Health Checks
  • health check regions
  • Traffic Steering options

The ability to purchase pool’s is not an option and would require an upgrade to Enterprise plan if the limits do not meet your requirements, however you should check the error message to make sure your not running into an issue with hitting the ‘origin’ limit, rather than a ‘pool’ limit.


Thanks a lot!

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