"Edit Comment" button vanishing

Since joining cloudflare users/guests on my website (Wordpress install, VPS hosting) have reported that the edit button on their comments has disappeared. I’ve tested it, and it’s true.

Turning on “In Development” mode brings the edit button back, but removes the “like/dislike” function. This shows it’s definitely some interaction with cloudflare at least.

I’ve tried excluding the relevant JS from the cache via a page rule, but it’s made no difference.

I’m using the wpdiscuz comments plugin, if that’s important.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Hi @cjcl1812,

Do you have any ‘cache everything’ page rules in place?

Hi @domjh

Sorry if my initial response came over as terse. I just double checked, and no page rules for “cache everything”.

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No worries! Was straight to the point :smile:

Do you have rocket loader enabled (speed app in your dashboard)?

No, no apps installed or running at all.

Sorry, I mean under ‘Speed’ along the top of your Cloudflare dashboard. Those are known as ‘apps’ (yes, it confuses me, too!).

Sorry, that was me being slow. But anyway, no Rocket Loader is disabled, and the page rule I made excludes the comments’ JS from Rocket Loader, just in case.

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