Edit Code Of Website With Cloudflare

Is there a way that Cloudflare can add scripts to the head tag of a website? Some third party services require you to add code here for their apps to work, however my current website builder doesn’t allow me to do this - so I’m wondering if this can be done with Cloudflare. I know that Cloudflare can modify code, as it already has done by me enabling Web Analytics on my site.

Please can someone confirm if this is possible?

I used to modify some parts of the HTML code with Workers from time to time for some Websites for which I hadn’t had access to the hosting at first, and since they were already using Cloudflare, having the access to the Cloudflare I managed to do it that way :slight_smile:

My best guess, it could help in your case too:

A bit helpful recipes:

Other examples:

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Thanks! I will look into this and have a play with it. The only issue is that I already have a Worker set up, and I think I can only have 1 since I’m on the free plan. I think you can do some weird wizardry by routing it through another subdomain or something though to get 2 workers working on 1 domain.

Found an App called Fortify which does exactly this. Thanks all!