Edit Challenge page HTML as free user

Hi, a while back I was able to edit custom pages even tho I’m a free user, I’m pretty sure it was a bug or something, but I was wondering how I can update it, because when I originally did it, I did it for fun, and now I need to actually update it to a working custom page, but it won’t let me change them anymore, and my challenge pages have been broken for about a year or two now. Here’s an example domain that has the custom page set http://leet.codes/
but, what is also even more strange, is that my friend gets the standard challenge page, and I get the custom challenge page? Does anyone have any information on what I should do, or if there is any info related to this? (being able to edit custom pages without paying, and the custom page only showing to the account owner and not other user’s, and how i can reset it back to standard page to remove the custom edits)

I know this post may be a bit confusing and random, and I apologize for that, my intentions are to get information about if this was a known bug for a while, to report it and/or hopefully get my account fixed or reset so my custom pages are back to the standard pages. Any help or information is appreciated, thanks!

Hi @leetcodes,

When visiting that site, I see a captcha challenge with the standard page, does that look like a custom page to you?

I am not aware of any bug that allowed for custom pages on the free plan. It’s odd that you see them and other users don’t.

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