EdgeServer IP empty in logs

A good chunk of logs do not have an Edger Server IP in the logging. How is this possible or what could the mean? EdgeColoID is populated.



"EdgeServerIP": "IP of the edge server making a request to the origin (beta)",

Requests served from cache would not have this value populated. Nor would other requests which don’t hit the origin such as WAF or Rate Limiting blocks.

WafAction=unknown CacheCacheStatus=unknown EdgeRateLimitAction is empty

Its like a good 30% (2,605,945 in 4 hours) of my logs lack an edge server ip. There is always an edgecoloID with the site code. I was able to get a list of what those codes mean from support but its not up to date.

If the edgeserverIP is missing because its beta I get it. If its indicative of something else happening to the traffic it would be good to understand what that means for 30% of the traffic.

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