Edgemesh uses Cloudflare Workers to improve eCommerce performance with advanced client-side solution

Edgemesh takes a unique approach to website optimization by focusing on accelerating content via intelligent client-side optimizations. When combined with Cloudflare’s industry leading server-side performance, Edgemesh enabled sites can load 20-50% faster with just a single line of code or a one click Cloudflare App. Edgemesh works by creating a dedicated client-side cache powered by the browser’s Service Worker API. Instead of trying to predict the user’s interactions with the site and prefetching the next page, Edgemesh focuses on caching and prefetching the individual assets (fonts, JavaScript, CSS and images) that are most commonly used across all pages. By intelligently prefetching fonts, Javascript, and similar shared content that is not currently in the browser’s local cache, Edgemesh helps a site load faster and stay faster automatically. With the increased performance push driven by recent search engine ranking factors (like Google’s Core Web Vitals), Edgemesh has seen a dramatic uptick in customer demand for it’s low friction acceleration solution.

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