Edge Universal Certificate forced reissue

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a question for you alll.

I just added my second domain to cloud flare and I just noticed that the Universal certificate, part of the Edge Certificates, present on my account it is right now not a Let’s encrypt certificate and is creating issues with all websites on this domain.

I want to also add that I have not purchased any certificates from CloudFlare.

I tried to disable the universal certificate, wait an hour then reissue it but to no avail as I get the same expiration date and same issues.

The certificate says it has been validated by TXT, and it expires in one year, which I have found strange due the fact that Let’s Encrypt certificates usually last only 3 months or so.

Is there any other way to delete this weird certificate and have a normal Let’s Encrypt one reissued?

Thank you!

You appear to have 3 domains on Cloudflare all of them have valid certs. It’s unclear from your description what issue you are encountering when you say it’s creating issues with the domain.

Good evening,
It ended up being a slow propagation of the SSL certificate through the network.
All the certificates are now showing up correctly!

Thank you for your help!

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