Edge TTL>0

Fine tuning Cloud Flare.
GTMetrix prompting me to use cookie free domains.
I do not desire to set up a subdomain.

Edge TTL>0 Removes “Cookie” from origin server.
How do and where I set Edge TTL>0 to obtain this result.

Thank You
Michael Starley

Where did you see that Edge TTL > 0 removes the cookie?

Edge TTL is a Page Rule setting, but I’ve not it seen it remove the Cloudflare cookie. Not that GTMetrix’s warning about cookies matters to me, as CF cookies add near-zero overhead to requests.

I read the Edge TTL>0 Information from Cloud Flares publicaiton regarding Caching Options

Ah, I see. That makes sense. You can remove an origin cookie (which is under your control anyway), but you’ll still have a Cloudflare cookie.

Thank you for the information.

How do I implement this Edge TTL>0 ?

I assumed that this setting would be located under Page Rules.

I did find Edge TTL setting but no 0 setting.

Thanx for the help.

Michael Starley

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