Edge Storage for Critical Assets

Great announcements from the past Speed Week!

Cloudflare going stronger and stronger, but I want to bring some attention to some problems.

In the fundament, the CDN service is one endless fight between the customers for the physically limited resources on the POP servers.

This is the reality and the content is deleted nonstop and changed with something else, simply because we cannot expect every POP to offer PBs of storage.

On Speed Week you tell us that “CloudFlare is on 50ms to 95% of the human population”, but this definitely not meaning the customer is so close too …

And for that reason, I want to suggest a new service - Edge Storage for Critical Assets.

No, I do not ask for something like an S3 scaling to PBs and beyond, but a very, very small storage package with 10MB stored on All 250+ POP locations.

With 10MB we can store:

  • All CSS files - they are Crucial! The browser cannot start to visualize the page without them;
  • All JS files for every modern Single Page Application;
  • Brand images like logos, image patterns, and other small graphical elements;
  • We even can put a few of the most common Hero Photo Images for lighting fast delivery;

Important - The announced Tiered Cache is NOT this service, you know that.

I will be more than happy to pay $5 per month for 10MB on Every Cloudflare POP that guarantees that my most critical site assets will be always stored on the Edge.

I really hope someone from the Cloudflare team can open discussion internally and this service to become a reality because with very little storage resources you can give a dramatic improvement impact - especially with the CSS and JS.

I don’t know if storage as a service is on Cloudflares roadmap. But there are a few existing features which might get you some of the way to your goal. All of these should get the assets to the POP before the users make a request through that POP for the css/js etc.

On Enterprise plans, you can use Prefetch, where the CF POP will fetch and cache the assets once the parent HTML is requested.

Workers (with or without Workers KV) also allow you to store and serve assets from the Edge, Workers Sites was built like this.

The newly announced Early Hints should give a similar experience to Prefetch on all plans.


Yesterday Cloudflare announce Cache Reserve:

This is not exactly what I propose, but gives you the opportunity to pay for cache storage that never expires and is available in the internal Cloudflare Network close to the edge cache.

For critical assets like CSS and JS that are required as soon as possible access, it will be great.

If someone already uses it can share their experience and some performance speed stats between Edge Cache, Cache Reserve and catch it from the Origin server.

I like OP’s proposal but a few tweaks. I’d also be willing to pay a price of $5 per 10 megabytes if it guarantees those assets will be available on every edge POP for availability.