Edge IP Error with no record

We are getting the error 1034 - Edge IP Restricted when trying to access our site on the Chrome browser only without the “www.” before it. There was no A Record to change so I created the following records

A -
AAAA - 100::

However, we are still getting this issue. Anyone have any idea why this is still happening?

Hello there,

Is it proxied :orange: ?

Here are the similar threads & answers from the community:

Yes it is proxied.

I have read through those and they do not explain my situation. I never had a record at

Neither is of those IPs is a valid origin. Where do a it you expect the traffic to go?

If you want to redirect it to your www you’d need a page rule.
If you are using Cloudflare pages you need to associate the root domain with the pages instance.
If you want it to go to an origin server of some kind you need to point it to the location of the origin server used by your www record.

How do I make it so anyone can access the page with or without the www?

You need to do one of the things I mentioned in my previous post. It’s unclear where your origin is, but it’s not on or or 100:.


Or if it is supposed to point to the same site as www and is hosted on %whatever% create a record of the same type for your root domain pointed to the same location as the www record.

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The only record I see that is the www record is a CNAME record and it is DNS only. When I try to create an A record with the same location, it says “Valid IPv4 address is required”

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