Edge Certifications pending for +6 days

It’s already been 6 days since Cloudflare is supposed to validate my Universal Certificate, normally if I’m not mistaken, this operation is supposed to last 24 hours maximum so I don’t understand why it takes so long for me.

My configuration is :

:white_check_mark: Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
:white_check_mark: Always use HTTPS
:white_check_mark: Auto Minify
:white_check_mark: HTML :white_check_mark: CSS :white_check_mark: JS
:white_check_mark: Brotli

I tried to add the “certificate validations TXT name” and “certificate validations TXT value” myself but it gives me an error message saying that they already exist (I can’t see them).

Can you help me? Thanks in advance !

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I would try disabling Universal SSL, waiting 5 minutes then re-enabling it.

I have already done it twice, once for 5 minutes and the second time for 15 minutes and nothing

Have you followed the advice on the Troubleshooting Domain Control Validation · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs guide? If your domain is active with Cloudflare using our NS, then we will take care of the CAA and TXT records for you, but one common mistake is that you have left DNSSEC enabled from your previous DNS provider.

If you do this, the Certificate Authority will not be able to resolve the TXT or CAA records, since your DNSSEC will be broken.


I just activated DNSSEC and hope it works, I checked I’m not in “Under Attack Mode” and in relation to the firewall I think I’m good too.

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