Edge Certificates pending validattion

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yes, i had tryed to disable universal ssl

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cert expired, new cert are stuck pending validation

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This website does not have a certificate

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At first sight, seems like there is an issue with the DNSSEC (2 DS records found, should be only 1), which would be the reason why the Universal SSL cannot be renewed/re-issued :thinking: Happened in past to some customers too.

Feedback info for DNSSEC status:

Could you confirm your domain registrar is GoDaddy, by far what I am seeing at WHOIS? :thinking:

Furthermore, I’d suggest you to go to GoDaddy interface and double-check the DS record type you’d see there. Delete the one which is not related to the one which you can see at Cloudflare dashboard for your zone.

Other thing would be to disable DNSSEC at Cloudflare dashboard, therefrom remove all of the existing DS records at the GoDaddy. Wait for some time for the changes to apply. Once it’s resolved, re-add the DS record which you’d receive from Cloudflare and enable DNSSEC. Later on, we could proceed further with the steps you’ve linked for the article “Universal Edge certificate stuck pending validation”.

Helpful articles for troubleshooting:

I’d suggest you to take a look for a bit more information over the recent topic about the same issue at another customer:

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it‘s ok after reset ds record ,thank you very much

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